I’ve Hired the Best DJ for my Wedding, Do I Still Get to Pick Out What Songs I Want Played

Yes, as the person getting married, you have the final say on what music is played at your wedding. While hiring a skilled DJ can certainly help you create a great playlist and ensure the music runs smoothly throughout the event, ultimately the choice of what songs are played should reflect your personal preferences and those of your partner. I’m not recommending that you dictate every song the DJ plays, but having your input is important.

What songs will the DJ play?

You can work with your DJ to come up with a playlist that incorporates your favorite songs that fit the overall theme and atmosphere of your wedding. Good communication with your DJ beforehand can help ensure that your wedding music is exactly what you want it to be. Your DJ should have some worksheets to help guide you through the process. A lot of couples these days like to share their Pandora, or Spotify playlists with me, it’s a great way to collaborate.

How many songs should you request?

I know it’s tempting to give your DJ a complete list of every song you have ever heard of, DON’T. Overdoing your song selections will just add confusion. You want your favorite song played, so stick to them. Your DJ is able to read between the lines so to speak, and play what goes best with your selections. I’ve had numerous couples over the years give me playlists with over twenty hours of music. Really? What happens in that situation is, I play what I know will go over best. In that case you might not hear any of your favorites.


In conclusion, good communication is key in creating the vibe and feel you have envisioned for your wedding. Making sure you give your DJ a well throughout playlist, is the most surefire way to a successful outcome.

Hope this helps!