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Last time, I switched up the normal programming for this blog to offer some practical advice for brides and grooms on how to set up those who are going to give toasts at their wedding. Now, let’s shift our attention to the people who are going to be giving wedding toasts to the newlyweds!

Public speaking, right? I know. It’s unpleasant. You’re standing in front of everyone, trying not to feel embarrassed. You know what? That’s incredibly normal. You may think, “But DJ Justin, being on the microphone is what you do FOR A LIVING. Of course, it’s easy for you.” Easy might be an overstatement. Before I became trained in, and felt comfortable with public speaking, I would have probably had a similar perspective on giving a toast: Cringe, hide, or RUN AWAY! But, I promise, there are things you can do to help your toast be the highlight of the bride and groom’s wedding reception. Let’s begin, shall we?


Think about that for a second. Out of all the people that they know, you have risen to the top of the list for them to ask you to give a speech at their wedding. How COOL is that? Seriously. They care about and think so highly of you that they are devoting three to five minutes of their wedding to let you speak on their behalf. That’s pretty awesome.


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Seriously. Save yourself from possible embarrassment, Don’t wing it. I wouldn’t wing a toast, and I speak on a mic as part of my job every weekend. You shouldn’t either. There’s a saying that goes, “Weddings bring out the best and the worst in people.” It’s not wise to wait until the wedding to find out what effect it will have on you. Even if you end up winging it anyway, the act of writing out your speech is going to help collect your thoughts and allow you to focus on the important things you want to say about the bride and groom.


Since writing a speech is a subject worthy of its own blog, here’s a great article to get you on the right track to creating that focal point speech that the bride and groom will LOVE. In addition to writing out the speech, which is a form of practice, give your speech multiple times beforehand. Words feel different written down than when you say them out loud. Not only will this make the toast sound better, but you’ll also feel more comfortable when you give it. Take me, for example. Even after the 3,000+ events that I’ve been a part of, I still do a run-through of the grand entrance for each wedding I DJ/Emcee. It’s too important of a moment for me not to practice it before their wedding. You’ll be thankful you did when you give the speech!

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You’ve written the speech. You’ve practiced it several times. The happy couple is now a newlywed couple. Now the DJ/MC has announced that you are next up to give your speech. This is it! Your time to shine… While you’re giving your speech, try to keep these things in mind:

Keep the Mic Close

I realize for someone who doesn’t use a microphone very often that this isn’t second nature. This is a particular issue for those who are expressive with their hands. If it helps, practice your speech with something in your hand like a comb or a Sharpie. Rember, when you give your toast you will have a mic in one hand and a drink in the other. I always tell people who are about to give a toast to keep the mic right under their chin. Oh, and don’t hold the mic down by your belly button, that’s not where words come out…

Talk Into the Mic

I tell everyone who is about to give the speech to talk into the mic and, as they are speaking, I will adjust it to their voice accordingly. Everyone projects differently, so sometimes it may take me a few seconds from when you begin talking to when the level will be appropriate for your voice. It is a much better option to have to bring the mic level up than have the screech of feedback if the mic volume is set too high.

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The pressure that you may feel when thinking about giving a toast at a wedding is mostly self-inflicted. Unless you’re a professional speaker, no one is expecting you to give a perfect speech. What most guests appreciate about toasts is the same thing they appreciate about most elements of a wedding: that it is authentic to who the couple is. As long as you hold true to that in your toast, the guests, but most importantly the couple, will enjoy it.

I forgot to mention something. Oddly enough, toasts are one of my favorite parts of a wedding. Especially because I’m not usually as familiar with the people giving them as the bride and groom, I come in with minimal expectations about their personality. Sometimes toasts are hilarious. They’re sometimes sentimental. Sometimes the emotions of the moment overwhelm the person giving the toast and they choke and shed a tear (or more than a few). All of that is ok and really makes the couple’s wedding its own experience.

Their wedding is a way to tell the story of their life up to this point. And that story wouldn’t be told the same if you were not a part of it. If you follow these steps, you will not only help to tell it for them. You will also get to be a part of the wedding that you helped make a night to remember! CHEERS!

By DJ Justin Warwick of DJ Enterprises Mobile Disc Jockey, aka DJ Warwick
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