How To Make Your Wedding Toasts a Focal Point of The Evening!


Hey there, lovebirds! Today, we’re shifting gears to focus on a practical and often overlooked aspect of your wedding: the toasts. These little speeches typically take place just before the dancing begins, creating a special moment that stands out in the memories of your guests. Since they precede the whirlwind of open dancing, they often become one of the last vivid impressions of the evening.

You might think it’s unusual to address this to the bride and groom specifically. However, as the masterminds behind the wedding planning, you are in the perfect position to ensure the toasts are a resounding success. When done right, the toasts can be the highlight of the night, setting the tone for the fun and excitement on the dance floor!

Months of meticulous planning have led you to this moment. Now, let’s dive into how you can help your toast-givers shine and make those wedding toasts truly memorable!

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This might seem obvious, but it’s crucial. Decide who will give a toast, and in what order well before the wedding. Choose people who are comfortable speaking, whose words will be meaningful, and who will reflect well on both of you. Now back to the order… It might seem unimportant now about who is going first, but trust me, this always becomes a huge deal the day of the wedding if it’s not predetermined.


Again, it might seem like common sense, but let your chosen speakers know they’ll be giving a toast as soon as you decide. I’ve DJed more than one wedding where someone wasn’t aware they were expected to speak. Yep, they always have that same Deer in the headlights look as they say “I didn’t know I was giving a toast”. Talk about stress – as they look back on the five cocktails they have had up to this point. Giving them advance notice encourages them to prepare a thoughtful speech instead of winging it. And maybe not drinking as much beforehand.


Please, as a wedding professional, I beg you—don’t do it. Opening the mic for toasts invites anyone and everyone to speak, and you might end up with people you’d rather not have on the mic. And at what point do you decide how many people can have a shot at it?  How do I know?


At one wedding where I was the DJ, the bride invited anyone to give a speech, it seemed like a last-minute decision. Meaning, she didn’t tell me about it in advance or I would have tried my best to talk her out of it…  I watched on as the energy drained from the room by the fifth speaker. Guests were ready to move on to the next part of the reception, (Dancing) but we still had several more toasts to go. I think we ended up with somewhere around fifteen speeches. It was awkward and really detracted from the celebration, and more than one was very inappropriate. I worked another wedding soon after with the same photographer and she told me the bride was still upset with some of the things her brother shared during his toast that her parents didn’t know about. Oops!

Instead of this scenario…


The relaxed atmosphere of the rehearsal dinner is ideal for open mic toasts. It’s a great chance for anyone wanting to share their congratulations or personal stories about the bride and groom. Plus, most people who would like to speak at the wedding are usually at the rehearsal dinner. Perfect time for open mic!


Four is the magic number—just right to keep the toasts to around twenty minutes. With four speakers, you’ll hit all the high points and share some wedding-appropriate jokes without making your guests feel like it’s dragging on. Typically, this includes two people close to the bride (like the maid, or man of honor and a bridesmaid or sibling) and two close to the groom (the best man, or woman, and a groomsman, the groom’s father, or a sibling).

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Great question! The father of the bride should be the one to welcome the guests, give an introductory toast, and possibly bless the meal. This honors his role as one of the matriarchs of the family. Having him involved at the beginning makes the event more personal. Even if you think he might not want to, offering the option shows thoughtfulness and respect. Plus, he might surprise you and agree. It will be a memorable moment for everyone.


Usually, either the bride or the groom or both will want to thank their guests. This is particularly important for destination weddings where guests have traveled far. It’s also a good idea if you have a large guest count and might not be able to thank everyone personally. If you think toasts are going to be a bit longer, you can always thank your guests while you have them assembled for the cake cutting.


Next time, I’ll share tips on how to give a wedding toast that will wow the guests and be memorable for the bride and groom. But that’s a topic for another post. Until then, here’s to all the couples planning their weddings. Here’s to making your wedding a night to remember!

By DJ Justin Warwick of DJ Enterprises Mobile Disc Jockey, aka DJ Warwick
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