Photo Booth Backdrop Ideas That Will WOW Your Guests

Photographers have been a wedding must-have for decades, but now photo booths are becoming a popular addition to weddings. While wedding photographers are tasked with capturing the most important moments, such as the ceremony and the first dance, they can’t be at all places at once. However, a photo booth can pick up the slack, offering guests a fun way to commemorate the occasion and providing the couple with candid memories of their loved ones.

A photo booth gives people a reason to drop their guard for a bit, which makes for fun, often goofy images that a wedding photographer would have a hard time capturing naturally. Photo booths can be even more special with a nice background. The backdrop, or background, is a crucial component of the photo booth because it sets the mood, theme, and aesthetic of the photos. If you want some DIY wedding photo booth ideas, DJ Enterprises Mobile Disc Jockey, Monterey’s leading wedding entertainment company, has you covered.

Photo Booth Backdrop for a Wedding

A wedding photo booth is a fun cost-efficient way to get great images at a wedding. Between mirror-style photo booths, iPad-based photo booths, or 360 photo booths, wedding couples have several great options to choose from. Regardless of which kind of photo booth you get, a good backdrop that matches your wedding’s aesthetic can make for even better images. And don’t worry; it’s not a big expense. In fact, many of these ideas are DIY. Meaning you can save a few bucks by doing this yourself or with help from the wedding party.

Below are a few concepts to consider first before building a photo booth backdrop:

Material Considerations: Photo booth backdrops can be made from various materials, from fabric to wood to paper. Depending on the desired aesthetic, choose a material that complements the wedding theme and is suitable for photography. For instance, a matte finish is typically preferred to avoid any unwanted reflections from camera flashes.

Size: The backdrop should be large enough to comfortably fit groups of people, as wedding guests often like taking group photos. Typically, a backdrop should be at least 8 feet tall and 6-10 feet wide.

Consistency with Wedding Theme: The background should harmonize with the wedding theme, whether it’s rustic, vintage, beach, elegant, or any other style. Consistency will provide a coherent look to all your wedding photos.

Fun Ideas for Wedding Photo Booth Backgrounds

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, below are a few ideas for creating amazing wedding photo booth backdrops:

Floral Wall: Create a wall adorned with real or faux flowers. You can cover the entire backdrop in blooms, or use them to create patterns or initials of the couple’s names.

Sequin or Glitter Curtains: Add a touch of glamour with shimmering sequin curtains, available in many colors to suit your wedding palette.

Vintage Wallpapers: Use vintage-style wallpapers or old book pages to create an antique feel. This is great for a wedding with a throwback theme.

Rustic Barn Wood: If you’re going for a rustic or country-themed wedding, using slabs of reclaimed wood or even palettes can evoke a warm, rustic feel.

Hanging Boho Tapestries: These are perfect for a bohemian or indie-themed wedding. Think macrame hangings, dreamcatchers, and other boho-chic elements.

Paper Flowers: Handmade paper flowers in various sizes and colors can create a whimsical 3D effect.

Beach Scene: If you’re having a beach wedding, incorporate real sand, surfboards, and seashells to transport your guests seaside.

Balloon Wall: Create a backdrop using balloons in the wedding colors. You can use giant balloons or create patterns with smaller ones.

Chalkboard: A large chalkboard allows guests to write messages or allows you to have a pre-written message or design, perhaps with the couple’s names and wedding date.

Themed Backgrounds: Depending on your interests as a couple, you could have a backdrop that’s themed around a favorite movie, book, or travel destination.

Photo Frames and Props: Instead of a continuous background, have various hanging photo frames at different heights and sizes. Guests can pose within these frames. Accompany this with props like hats, glasses, boas, etc., to add a fun element.

Fairy Lights: Draping strings of fairy lights against a dark backdrop can create a magical, starry-night effect.

Where to Get Supplies

The best place to get supplies is at a party store. Party City and Michaels both have a whole section dedicated to photo booth props. Additionally, you’ll be able to find decoration staples such as balloons, standees, signs, banners, and even pre-made backdrops. It’s a good idea to shop here once you have a near-finalized idea in mind. Otherwise, you might end up with a backdrop that’s too busy and lacks a theme.

Projects such as the rustic, boho, and vintage wallpaper backdrops may require going to a specialized store to get the appropriate supplies. Hardware stores and vintage furniture shops are good places to start. For more niche items, Etsy is a great online marketplace where you can get custom decorations done. Make sure to order well ahead of time, as handmade crafts take a long time to complete.

DJ Enterprises Mobile Disc Jockey’s Photo Booths Are the Life of the Party

Remember, the key is to create a setting that not only looks good in photos but also invites guests to participate and have fun. Whatever backdrop you choose, ensure there’s good lighting to get the best photos possible. Incorporate props and a photo guest book to encourage guests to leave a picture behind for the couple while keeping a copy for themselves.

With DJ Enterprises “Awesome Sauce” photo booths, your wedding can be one to remember. Guests will be lining up to take pictures throughout the night. In addition to photo booths, we also offer DJ entertainment and can make any wedding reception feel alive with the sound of music. Contact us via email at [email protected] or give us a call at (530) 277-2483 to learn more about what we offer.

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