Silent Generator Battery Bank Why We Offer It

There are several advantages to having a DJ with a silent generator battery bank for remote and beach wedding ceremonies and receptions that can last through the longest events, including:


With DJ Enterprises Mobile Disc Jockeys silent generator battery bank, you are not limited to venues that have access to power sources. You can have your wedding or reception in a remote or beach location without having to worry about electricity supply.

No noise pollution

The silent generator means that your DJ can play music and keep the party going without disturbing the peaceful ambiance of the beach or natural environment. Your guests can enjoy the music without any distracting noise, fire hazard from a generator or the smell.

Extended party time

The DJ Enterprises silent generator battery banks can last up to twenty hours, which means that your wedding or reception can go on as long as you want it to. You won’t have to worry about cutting the party short due to power outages or running out of battery power. We have three sizes of generators to choose from. Small size for wedding ceremonies or cocktail hours. Medium, for Baraat celebrations. Large, for Wedding receptions or remote private social events. A combination of all three is also available for very large events.


With a silent generator battery bank, you won’t have to pay for expensive power sources or run the risk of having to rent a generator at the last minute. This can help you save money on your wedding or reception costs. Also, most state properties don’t allow the use of a gas generator anywhere near a beach.


Using a silent generator battery bank is more environmentally friendly than using traditional generators, as they do not emit any harmful emissions or fumes. They also have the capability to be solar charged before your event. Most importantly, there’s no risc of spilling fuels. This is a great option for couples who want to have an eco-friendly wedding.

How do they look?

DJ Enterprises Mobile Disc Jockeys battery banks have been custom built just for us. You can’t find anything like them anywhere else. We believe them to be the most beautiful battery banks in the world, adding a touch of style and class. On the inside they have the most up to date Lithium Ion battery technology. While on the outside, they sport a classic retro style, covered in 50’s ara tweed.