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If your group is into Interactive Games, Ice Breakers and Dances than look no further.. DJ/MC Justin Warwick with DJ Enterprises Mobile Disc Jockey Party & Wedding DJ is a game master! He can get your guests up and having a BLAST while bonding at the same time. He has led countless Churches, Weddings, Family Reunions,  Community events and large Company picnics in group games with the excitement only he can deliver. Most of these games are adaptable for birthdays, reunions, anniversaries, weddings and other kinds of celebrations. Some are intended just for children. You can have just one game or dance for your event or have an entire event based on interactive activities, it’s all up to you! This is just a sample of possibilities, if you have seen a game or ice breaker at an event you would like at your function just let us know. Please let us know if you plan on us providing games ahead of time, some games have an additional charge for supplies. Call us today for pricing.

Sing for your Meal: That’s right make each table sing for their meal.. The DJ makes his way around the room picking one table at a time to sing a group song in order to be excused to the buffet. This is a fun way to keep the buffet line short and orderly, while at the same time breaking the ice by starting conversation and interaction at each table. If you are having a wedding, having them sing something with the word “love” is always popular but you can come up with any theme you like. At a holiday party you can have them sing a “Christmas song”, or “Danni Boy” for St Patrick’s Day etc.. You get the idea.

Blindfoldeded Garter

Blindfolded Garter

Blindfold Garter Toss: I thought that would get your attention.. Seems like all the excitement is always about the bouquet toss, women and girls jostling for position to be the lucky one who catches the bouquet. While the men usually just seam to want to get it over with. There is hope for the garter toss, before the garter is thrown the DJ can let all the guys know that whomever catches the garter gets to place it on the leg of whomever caught the bouquet. I’ll let that sink in for a second. Of course that’s not what happens, after the garter is thrown the DJ invites the bouquet recipient to be seated. The DJ places a blindfold on the guy to make sure he can’t see while the girl gets out of her seat and the Groom or Best Man takes her place. Yep, then we all get a good laugh at the poor guy’s expense. Makes me laugh just thinking about it!

The Shoe Game: This hilarious game is a great way for guests to get to know you better as you learn how much you really know each other. The game starts with the newlyweds or anniversary couple seated on the dance floor back to back. The DJ instructs the couple to take off their shoes and exchange one, leaving each of them with one of their own shoes and one of their partners shoes in hand. Next the DJ asks the following questions, or make up your own. After the question is asked the corresponding shoe is raised over their head to answer.

  • Who wears the pants in the relationship?
  • Who said “I love you” first?
  • Who is the best dresser?
  • Who will be doing most of the cooking?
  • Who spends the most money?
  • Who will be paying the bills?
  • Who controls the remote?
  • Who is most likely to wake up grumpy?
  • Who is most likely to get lost?
  • Who is most likely to ask for directions?
  • Who is the fastest driver?
  • Who is the messier one?
  • Who changes the toilet paper roll?
  • Who is most likely to sing in the shower?
  • Who do you love more than anyone else in the world?

You can have as many questions asked you like, we recommend keeping it under twelve.

Balloon Pass #1: Teams are made, two lines facing each other for each team. First, two people put balloons between them wherever the DJ calls. (i.e.; hips, shoulders, stomach and they hold the balloon at between that point on their bodies and go to the end of the line then the balloon is passed back to the head of the line and the next couple go.

Balloon Pass #2: For this fast and fun game, you need to make long lines of people. For example, three lines of ten people each. The first person in line passes the balloon over their head to the person behind them, who in turn passes the balloon to the person between their legs, who in turn passes to the next person over their head and so on. The line that gets the balloon from the first person to the last person in line wins!

Long Balloon Pass: Have everyone get into a circle. Use a long balloon and have guests pass it around the circle between their legs and not using their hands. When the music stops, who ever is touching the balloon is out.

Balloon Bounce: Have a contest to see who can keep the balloon in the air the longest using only their head. The person who can keep it in the air the longest without using anything but their head is the winner. (This game can also be played in teams).

Balloon Pop: Four people per team, two poppers and two blowers. The object of the game is simple, two people blow up the balloons and two people pop them… but they must be popped by holding the balloon between the two people and not using any hands.

Balloon Stuff: Teams of three or four are made and one person is designated the “stuffy” while the others are the “stuffers”. The “stuffy” puts on an oversized sweatshirt while the “stuffers” are given balloons to “STUFF” under the sweatshirt. The team with the most balloons under the sweatshirt wins!

Cornhole Game

Cornhole Game

Cornhole or Ring Toss Game:

New for 2016 We have four brand new regulation Cornhole boards with bags, and new pastel color ring toss as well. These games are a wedding classic and have been for over 100 years. They are as much fun to play as they are to watch. If you are having an outdoor wedding this year your guests will appreciate you having these fun games you can play with a drink in your hand. Cornhole is more popular than ever!

Hula Hoops: Make big circles of people, have them hold hands, put the hula hoop between them and then they are to pass the hula hoop through the circle without using hands. When the music stops, whoever has the hula hoop around them is out. This continues until there is only one person left. Variation: Traditional Hula Hoop contest; the person who can hula the longest without dropping it to the ground, wins.

Walla Balla: A scoring game with up to four people at a time. Put on the Walla Balla and try to make as many baskets in a given time. Each of the three baskets are numbered with a score. The highest score within a designated amount of time wins.

Freeze Dance: Play a fast song and when the music stops all must freeze. Changing songs and telling people to put their hands in the air will add spice to the contest.

Scavenger Hunt: You can have as many people as you like play this game. Have the players come to the dance floor with a chair. Everyone must sit. The DJ calls something out like “a Businesscard”. The players run to find one. While they are gone, we remove one chair. The person who comes back and doesn’t have a chair is out. This can be done quickly by calling another item while people are still out and removing another chair.

Huggy Bear: Everyone out on the dance floor. Play a song and have everyone dance. Yell out a number and the dancers must get into groups of that number. Anyone not in a group or a circle that is of the number called is out. Everyone can play this, young and old! ring tossjp

Limbo: We all know how limbo is done. It always seems to be a crowd pleaser and you can have a girl and guy winner or break it down into age groups. You may also do this as a couple or team event with more than one going under at the same time.

Pass and Guess: This is a good game for the dinner hour. A jar is filled with candy or jelly beans and passed around the tables. Each person must write on a piece of paper their guess and the person who guesses closest to the actual number of items wins! Award a prize or the jar of candy can be the prize.

Snow Ball Dance: The DJ begins by getting everyone out on the dance floor in pairs. When everyone is dancing, the DJ announces “switch” and all must switch partners. Variation: Have a father-daughter snow ball dance.

Chicken Dance: The DJ will gather everyone in a large circle (perhaps tricking them into participating by saying it is for a “group photo” and then lead them into the traditionally silly “Chicken Dance”.

Conga Line / Train Dance: An old favorite, requires an energetic leader such as the party host, directed by the DJ to guide their “train” of guests around the room.

YMCA, Cupid Shuffle, Wobble, Electric Slide, Hokey Pokey or Bunny Hop: Classic standards directed by the songs. Popular at weddings, birthday parties, picnics, Mitzvah’s and sock hops, etc.

Lip Sync Contest: A fast-moving relay lip sync contest with an unexpected twist! First gather 3-4 players lined up for each round with the instruction that the players will lip sync popular songs until the music stops. The player has a short amount of time to lip sync and dance to gain audience applause. The twist is that the players don’t have a choice in the song or songs that may change at any time. When the DJ stops the music that performer moves to the back of the line, while the next person quickly moves up. This continues on until each person performs twice. The winner will be judged by audience cheers and jeers. This is a fun game to play at a Karaoke party.

Fumble Fingers: This is a relay race. Begin with two teams of equal players, (up to 10 per team) and line each team up with the first person in line near a table with difficult items to pick up and pass. Examples; toothpicks, popcorn, buttons, sticky fly paper, etc. Next, each player puts on a pair of awkward garden gloves. The first players on each team pick up the first item and passes it down the line. If a player drops or spills an item, it must be returned to the table and passed from the beginning again. The first team to complete all passes wins!

Marshmallow Run: This is a relay race. Begin with equal teams. Each player has a straw and is to suck up one marshmallow and carry it across the dance floor and put it into a glass and run back and slap the hand of the next person in line to do the same. The first team with one marshmallow per player wins!

20 Cups: A relay race. Start with two equal teams (up to ten participants per team) lined up on the dance floor. Halfway down the dance floor are two stacks of Styrofoam cups. When the DJ says “go” the first player in line runs to the cups, grabs one, next runs it down to a designated area, places that first cup in position, and runs back and tags the next person in line who places the second cup and this continues until a 10 cup pyramid is made. The first team to complete a pyramid wins.

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Tug-O-War : A great game for all ages. We provide one long piece of rope and you provide the strong competitors. Variation: This can be spiced up by digging a pit, filling it with water, then adding “goodies” to make it undesirable to loose… (Like empty cans and water bottles, toilet paper and log candy bars) you get the idea.

Human Wheel Barrel: A hectic relay of teamwork and trust. Get participants into pairs and blindfold the “Wheel Barrel” wile the runner steers them across the finish line or through an obstacle course. First human wheel barrel across the finish wins!

Sack Race: A great relay of pairs (i.e.; Father-Daughter) or single participants. Players climb into a giant coffee sack, hold it up to their waist and hop across the finish line.

Leap Frog: A relay race of pairs. Participants crouch down while their partner leaps over them like a frog. The first team over the finish line wins!

toss picjp

Water Balloon/Egg Toss: Fun outdoor games for all ages involving two lines of people evenly numbered. They toss the balloon/egg to their partner and catch it. After each successful pass, a step backward is taken by each participant. Any dropping means disqualification of the team. The team without dropping the balloon/egg wins.

Egg Spoon Race: A relay race involving teams of equal amounts of participants or one-on-one competition. Players are given one egg each. The first person in line is given a spoon to place their egg on, and when the DJ says “go” the lead players race to a designated egg carton and places their egg, runs back and passes their spoon on to the next runner. This is continued until all players have ran with their egg and the team with the most unbroken eggs in the carton wins. If a player drops an egg, they must continue toward the carton, touch it with the spoon, and run back to pass the spoon to next player, and then the dropper is disqualified. Variation: For one-on-on competition; two players race to place eggs in a carton, the most unbroken eggs wins.

Easter Egg/Scavenger Hunt: Participants hunt for colorfully decorated eggs or specified items for a certain amount of time. Great games for all ages where anyone can win. Call for pricing.

Eating Contest: Contestants race to eat as much pie, watermelon, hot dogs, pizza, marshmallows, etc., within a specified amount of time. Variation: Contestants aren’t allowed to use their hands. Always a favorite at company picnics, July 4th celebrations and grand openings. Call for pricing.

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Disclaimer- the game list is provided for entertainment purposes only. Never take part in, eat, drink, think or do anything beyond your physical or mental capabilities. DJ Enterprises will not be held liable for any reason if you choose to take part in or conduct any of these activities.

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